Appeals for missing relatives

At least 30 people have died and the BBC understands that about 70 are missing after a huge fire engulfed a west London tower block on Tuesday night.

It is likely that the 30 are among the 70 people missing but this is not known for certain.

There are 24 patients still in hospital, 12 of those in critical care after the blaze in Grenfall Tower.

Loved ones have appealed on social media for information. An emergency number – 0800 0961 233 – has been set up for anyone concerned about friends or family.

Omar Belkadi, Farah Hamdan and Leena Belkadi

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Farah Hamdan (left) and Leena Belkadi (right)

Omar Belkadi and his wife Farah Hamdan are unaccounted for, as well as their six-month-old baby, Leena.

The couple lived on the 20th floor of the block. Two of their children, who are eight and 10, were found alive in hospital.

Farah’s cousin Adel Chaoui told the BBC that Farah called her sister while the fire was raging to ask for advice.

“When we told them to get out, Farah said she was told to stay put, not to go anywhere,” he said.

“That was the last we heard.

“We don’t know whether the authorities got up to the 20th floor to find the children. We’ve had no more information from them.”

Khadija Khalloufi

Khadija Khalloufi, 52, lived on the 17th floor with her husband Sabah Abdullah.

Mr Abdullah told the BBC that since the fire on Tuesday the council have moved him to an old people’s home despite his objections.

Brkite and Biruk Haftom

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Brkite Haftom/Facebook

Mother and son Brkite and Biruk Hafton live in Flat 155 of Grenfell Tower.

Family friend Dejan Araya says Brkite’s sister and friend have been searching hospitals for news of their whereabouts and are inconsolable.

Dejan Araya said the last time there was any contact with them was at around 22:00 BST on the night of the fire.

Deborah Lamprell

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Joanna Sanderson

Deborah Lamprell, 45, lives on the 16th floor. A family friend said she would always text her mother when she returned home from work.

The last text message Ms Lamprell sent her mother was at about 23:30 BST on the evening of the fire. She has not been heard from since.

Ms Lamprell’s cousin made an appeal on Facebook for information. She posted: “Dear friends, I am desperate for your help. My cousin Deborah Lamprell lives in Grenfell Tower.

“We haven’t had any news and don’t know if she’s been rescued and in hospital.”

Raymond “Moses” Howard

Raymond Howard, known affectionately as Moses to friends, lived on the 23rd floor.

Friends have put up posters of Mr Howard asking for information about his whereabouts.

“There are a lot of people grieving for him, and he was a very loving man.

He always used to make sure that people were cared for,” a friend, Michael, said.

Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi

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Pamela Pizziolo

It is believed Mr Gottardi, and his girlfriend Ms Trevisan were staying with friends at Grenfell Tower.

Mr Gottardi’s father Giannino told Italy’s ANSA news agency that he had been on the phone to his son and his girlfriend up until the last minute.

He told him that the flat was full of smoke and then communications were interrupted.

“We’re just hoping for a miracle,” he said.

Mr Gottardi, an architect, is from a town near Venice and Ms Trevisan is from the city of Padua.

El-Wahabi family

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Sanaa Jones

Five members of the El-Wahabi family are missing. Sanaa Jones says they are her uncle Abdul Aziz, 52, his wife Fouzia, 42, son Yasin, 21, daughter Nur Huda, 15, and youngest son Medhi, 8.

Sanaa’s other aunt, her husband, and two children – who also live in the same block – were able to escape from the sixth floor, but the El-Wahabis were on the 21st floor.

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Sanaa Jones

“My aunty told my uncle to get out but there was a lot of smoke,” she said

“My uncle got on the phone to the fire brigade, who advised him to stay inside and to shut the door, and put blankets down around 02.30.

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Sanaa Jones

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Abdul Aziz El-Wahabi

“That’s the last time we heard from them.

“I went to one hospital, my cousins went to other hospitals. There is nothing and they are not there.

“It’s very distressing time at the moment. We have to try to keep strong.”

Hamid Kani

Iranian born Hamid Kani, 61, lived alone in flat 154 of Grenfell Tower. A London-based family friend says his relatives in Iran are devastated as they cannot reach him.

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Hamid Kani

They have been trying to get information from hospitals but have not been able to locate him.

The family friend – who wishes to remain anonymous – said it has been a stressful and painful time for the whole family.

Mohamednur ‘Mo’ Tuccu

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Red PR consultancy

Mo Tuccu, a British national from Eritrea, was visiting friends or family at Grenfell Tower with his wife Amalahmedin and three-year-old daughter Amayah.

They had gone to break their Ramadan fast.

A colleague at the Red PR consultancy – where Mr Tuccu has worked as a security guard for 10 years – said he was due to win an award for his service to the company.

The company tweeted an appeal for news of his whereabouts earlier on Thursday.

Mohamed ‘Saber’ Neda

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Ariana Neumann Rodger/Facebook

It is believed that Mohamed Neda’s wife and son fled the blaze but he stayed behind because he was injured.

His nephew says he has been missing since then and the family have left signs around the area to try and get more information.

Family friend Ariana Neumann Rodger took to social media to appeal for information.

She posted on Facebook: “We know a family that’s been involved in the fire.

“They are called the Nedas and are the most wonderful family of Afghan Brits who have worked with us for many years.

“The 22-year-old son, Farhad, is being treated at Chelsea and Westminster, the mother Folora ‘Shakila’ is in intensive care at King’s College Hospital and the dad Mohamed ‘Saber’ is missing.

“They lived on the 20th floor and Mohamed Neda was last seen on the stairwell injured and helping neighbours.”

Marjorie and Ernie Vital

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Macleod Vital

Marjorie and Ernie Vital live on the 16th floor of Grenfell Tower.

Marjorie’s brother Macleod says it has been an intense time for the family who are very distressed and concerned.

He said he had been visiting hospitals and centres to try to locate his sister and nephew.

Miah family

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Media caption“The not knowing is killing me”: Relatives of Husna Begum on their despair

One family from the 17th floor has five people missing. Husna Begum, 22, and four other members of her family were last heard of at 03:00 on Wednesday.

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Atikul Hoque

Husna and her mother Rabiya Begum, father Komru Miah, who is aged nearly 90, and two brothers Abdul Hamid 28, and Abdul Hanif 25, are all missing.

Husna’s cousin Abdur Rahim, who lives close by in Kensington, said he got a phone call from her at 01:30 saying there was a fire and they were stuck inside.

He rushed to the tower and spoke to them on the phone asking them to flee.

Husna Begum told him it was all dark, there was a lot of smoke, and they couldn’t get out of their flat.

Mr Rahim said in an interview with the BBC Bangla service that Hasna was due to get married on 29 July and her husband-to-be had rushed down from Leicester after the incident.

Another family member, Mr Nurul Islam, expressed his anger on Friday that he feels the council and government are providing insufficient help and resources on the ground at Grenfell Tower.

“Where are government officials? Where are council officials?” he said.

“There isn’t any leadership or co-ordination – the Red Cross and Muslim Aid are here, but they are charities, they are not people who’ve been elected to support us in times of need.”

Tony Disson

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Lee Disson

The family of 66-year-old retired lorry driver Tony Disson told the BBC he lived on the 22nd floor of Grenfell Tower.

Mr Disson, who has lived in the property for eight years, phoned his son at 03:30 and said he was being told to stay in his flat.

He has three sons, four grandchildren, and another on the way.

His family say they have been calling hospitals to locate his whereabouts and posted an urgent appeal for any information.

Jessica Urbano Ramirez

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Ana Ospina

The family of Jessica, aged 12, say they are desperate for news about her whereabouts.

Her aunt Ana Ospina says they have been calling hospitals as they believe she may have been taken in for treatment.

Actor Noel Clarke, who grew up in the area, is one of many social media users appealing for information on her whereabouts.

Mariem Elgwahry

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Mariem Elgwahry, 27, is a marketing manager who is believed to have last spoken to someone at 02:30.

Her friend posted this picture with the message: “Seeking any information on our missing friend. She was on the 19th floor.”

Ali Yawar Jafari

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Hamid Ali Jafari

Ali Yawar Jafari, 82, lived on the 11th floor of Grenfell Tower with his wife and daughter.

His son Hamid says his father had a heart condition and had difficulty walking.

His daughter Nadia was visiting on Tuesday evening, and when the fire broke out she got into the lift with him.

But they separated on the 10th floor, and the family have not been able to contact him since.

Mr Jafari has lived in the tower for 16 years. He is a father of six children and seven grandchildren.

Denis Murphy

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Steven Racz

The family of 56-year-old Denis Murphy say they last heard from him in the early hours of Wednesday sometime between 01:30 and 02:00.

He called from his flat on the 14th floor and said he couldn’t breathe because of the smoke.

His family say they have not heard anything since and have been frantically contacting hospitals and care centres.

By Rozina Sini and Chris Bell, BBC’s UGC and Social News team

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